Meet Tree Canada

Tree Canada is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments, in every province across the country.

We help to grow Canada’s tree canopy through our programs, research, and engagement efforts and by offering grants to communities and schools. We are thought-leaders and capacity-builders, collaborating with a network of industry experts, academics, and other non-profits to deepen community knowledge and help municipalities plan and sustain local canopy.

Our Vision

Improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees while teaching about the value of trees.

Our Mission

激励,教育,使加拿大人亚博游戏登录首页APPand nurture trees in order to improve lives and address climate change.

Our Values

Passionate:We are committed to a greener, greater Canada.

Collaborative:We workhand-in-handwith partners, governments and agencies.

Integrity:We conduct business with the highest level of professional integrity.

Quality:We are committed to delivering quality educational programs and services.

Results-oriented:We focus on achieving tangible results.


By the Numbers

84 million trees planted

That’s how many trees we’ve planted since 1992 with the help of our sponsors and partners.

National Greening Program
700 communities and counting

Working with municipalities, schools and local groups, we’ve greened over 700 communities across Canada since 1992.

10+ areas recovered

Operation ReLeaf programs have helped communities recover from natural disasters and pests for over two decades.

Operation ReLeaf

Working with Indigenous Communities

Tree Canada believes in honouring the values of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and have proudly collaborated with First Nations communities since our beginnnings. Together, we have helped build healthier communities by planting trees through a shared love and respect for natural spaces.

Our Strategic Plan

Tree Canada is leading the charge to grow resilient ecosystems and healthier, greener communities across Canada. Fuelled by the collective efforts of our supporters – from valued sponsors and donors to local partners and staff – our team has developed an ambitious three-year plan to guide Tree Canada’s work moving forward.

Building on the organization’s strengths, our2023-2026 strategic planis based on four key objectives:

Planting Trees, Growing Forests

We will increase canopy cover in communities and grow forests across Canada to multiply the benefits of trees and mitigate climate change impacts.

Inspiring Canadians

We will inspire and engage more Canadians to embrace our mission by cultivating hope for the future, sharing our expertise, and growing our national presence.

Pursuing Growth Opportunities

We will sustainably grow and diversify Tree Canada’s revenue sources by engaging Canadians and the business community to achieve our mission.

Striving for Excellence

We will strive for organizational excellence while fostering a culture of high performance, collaboration and respect.

Annual Reports

View a snapshot ofresults from Tree Canada’s key programsbetween 2020 and 2023.